Indulge in your mood to dress up in flapper dresses, sequins, beads, slightly short hemlines, and total opulence with our tips on how to pull it off, plus 5 glamorous pieces to wear.

The roaring 20’s sure has made its mark in the fashion- and motion pictures- industry with its influence still continuing to stir both the couture and ready-to-wear collections up to this decade. We guess that no matter how much we’re being presented with contemporary designs, there’s a part of us that longs for grandeur and luxury, most especially when we’re planning for themes for our next party.

We’re inspired with all the recent social events and red carpet moments hence, we’re giving you the rundown on what to wear, and what to ask your guests to wear with Gatsby-inspired fashion in mind. We hope you’ll have fun selecting the pieces as much as we had when we were creating this collection. 

The Great Gatsby Fashion

When planning for your party, think about affluence, lavishness, and splendor. This isn’t the time to skimp on décor, food and beverage, and party ambiance. Think big and bold- everything from the invitation to venue, from glassware to refreshments, or from hair to makeup. Don’t forget to specify the dress code in the invite so your guests will be properly guided on what to don during your festive soirée. 

Pieces to Wear

Speaking of what to wear, the Gatsby-inspired fashion screams exuberance so take this as your cue on picking the outfit for your party. Think of sequins, beaded clothing pieces, fur, fringes, geometric patterns, dazzling dresses, high shine, and luxurious headpieces. 

Don’t forget your hair and makeup as it completes the whole look. Whether you’re making your own or you have an army of makeup artists and hairstylists to do the job for you, it’s integral to recreate the beautiful 20’s look. Thin but defined eyebrows, sultry smokey eyes, porcelain-smooth skin, and a bold lip. As for the hair, opt for waves and finish it off with shine. Cap off the look with a beaded headpiece, and you’re out that door! 

The Collection

The hemlines of the pieces are inspired by Mary Quant, the English fashion designer who’s responsible for putting the spotlight on the mini look in the 60’s, while the sequin and geometric patterns are inspired by the Gatsby era in the roaring 20’s. These pieces are designed to make women who wear them feel like a star that she is. 

Gatsby beige dress

The perfect mini dress in the most flattering color, hemline, and bead pattern. 

One shoulder golden sequin drama dress

Gold with shimmer. You can’t be more Gatsby than that. 

Sleeveless beadwork embroidery mini dress

Beautiful beadwork against a nude-toned mini dress is the most luxurious recipe for a party wear in a Gatsby-themed soirée. 

Silver sequin bustier dress

High shine that depicts that of a mirror is definitely one for the books. 

Golden sequin party dress

You won’t get unnoticed when you’re wearing this ultra lavish dress with stunning sequin work in the front and back. 

If you’re longing for more, visit our website to find the rest of our exquisite pieces. 

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