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Article: New Obsession – Luxury & Stylish Face Masks

New Obsession – Luxury & Stylish Face Masks

New Obsession – Luxury & Stylish Face Masks

In this scenario of the pandemic, cases of Covid-19 in hot spots are expanding around the globe, however gradually, people are getting aware of the precautions. As a result, covering a mouth and nose with the mask is to be imperative, which becomes a new normal with the epitome of safety, and now a mandatory accessory. Public health consultants are still revealing further information and symptoms of viral transmission. But surging data implies that the coronavirus not only disperses by droplets (by coughs, sneezes, eating, speaking and shouting) but may also remain in the air for a minimum of three hours. So how do you curtail the risk of this deadly virus or transmitting infection with these droplets circulating in the air? So, masks with few safeguards are considered quick moves and practices that too with fashion. Avoid attending poorly ventilated indoor areas with someone you don’t know. If you don’t have any other alternative, you have to visit the location, just be wary of social distancing, keep opening the windows, always keep your hands sanitized and considerably don’t forget to put on the MASK and wear it properly!


Matching masks with your favorite Outfit – Make it a fashion

Here, when new normal comes into the life of everyone, then pursue it with full style and sensation. Wear mask not only to protect yourself but fashion also as putting on masks has become a compulsion, let us make this necessity a trend. Earlier we used to cover face irrespective of the fact it goes nicely with attires or not, but now it comes to be a trend to wear of corresponding colors. You can get a set of masks, Chain masks

  • Sequined masks,
  • Shimmer masks,
  • Lace masks

And many more types and matching masks which are in vogue easily from “Attic Salt” online or visit


Ascertaining a Stylish new normal

Be it offices, workouts, or social carnivals and events; masks are going to be a crucial part of our life. Inferring this trend, Apparel brands of all over the nation have launched masks with fascinating designs and pattern to suit all occasions. If you are working from home, the comfortable Apparel will not bother you, and you need not change your comfortable apparels post work while going out for evening walk because you are getting matching and elegant mask with your favorite attire.

Just as corresponding to shirts or tops and trousers, ties or scarfs, incorporating masks with the dress to build a trendy look is all set to be the recent fashion. Presently smile on the faces is surrounded behind the masks so the one mask you wear should express your style and personality. 

We are displaying a few of our collections which spur you to flaunt.

Color of outfit and mask – Today’s fashion outline

Color of outfit and mask should be matching, is it really matters? Some people will say “No” and few of them will say “Yes”. If you are not a fashion freak or not conscious of your looks then definitely, matching mask with outfit  is not for you. If your reply of above question is “Yes”, then Don’t just sit on the fence and must avail yourself of the latest trendy masks. Try the innovation, latest chain masks from Attic Salt and many more latest designs. Sequined masks will stimulate you to flaunt it with your attire. Chained masks, sequined mask, thread work mast and many more are available almost in every color.

Aspects to note while wearing a mask

  • Wear the mask over the nose and mouth and then safeguard it under the chin.
  • Take it off without touching your mouth, nose, and eyes. Also, wash your hands once you remove it from your face.
  • Make sure to wash your reusable mask regularly.

Last but not the least, Do not let your guard down as the pandemic has not been over yet, So let's be safe and make the necessity your trend.

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