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Article: Curves are beautiful: Big girls do it better

Curves are beautiful: Big girls do it better

Your body is not supposed to look like anyone else. It is supposed to look like you. Just because your body is not a rectangle shaped body as a model doesn’t mean that you are overweight. So never consider yourself fat because fat and curvy are completely different things because being overweight or obese is a disease but being curvy is a boon, not a bane.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you talk down to you, everyone will do it the same way, so start praising your body each day. Never dress to look slimmer. Bodies get fatter and thinner or stronger and weaker. We are young, then old, but our soul stays the same.

Choose an outfit that fits you in the right way that embraces the slimmer body parts and hides out your bulge. Waist belts are life saviors: waist is that part of the body that gathers more attention than the rest of the body parts; look for some broad or wide waist belts for detailing your waist. It will give you an accentuating look.

Dimensionless Black

Everyone should have black outfits in their wardrobes. Black is a colour that will never fail to make you look slimmer and elegant. Darker shades like blue, green, maroon etc., will also meet the same purpose. These colours create an illusion of a slimming look.

Dark-coloured clothing diminishes the curves and dimensions, making it seem smaller, slimmer and elegant. You can style yourself by wearing a black jumpsuit with a velvet blazer. Add on the look with velvet flats and a clutch.

Or you can simply wear a long-sleeved frock with pleated skirt detailing, matching black pumps, a chic white purse and some essential accessories.

Wrap o wrap dress

The best thing about wrap dresses for a curvy body is that they give you a sensual hourglass body figure illusion. Hourglass body types are even sexier than skinny ones.

For this look, you can pair a royal blue wrap dress with a matching blazer and tie your hair in a ponytail and you are ready to rock. One plus point about this look is that it can be styled for both official and unofficial parties.


Maxi dresses

If you are looking for some loose outfits for hot summer days, you can go for a floral maxi dress with denim jackets and shoes. They can help enhance your figure but try to select tighter ones at the bust and loose around the hips, and this will give you a look of an hourglass figure. Add on a belt around your waist as it will speculate your waist.


Hi-lo dresses

High-low prom dresses provide the best perks of a short and long dress. Rock a high-low dress for the glamour of a long evening gown and the comfort and youthful style of a short dress. This sophisticated look is fun, feminine, and perfect for the transition from casual to dressy.

Wear sandals, sneakers, or flats to create a casual style.


Pencil skirts

If you are curvy, then don’t be afraid to show it. Curvy women are blessed with a figure that fits all kinds of articles of clothing. The best part of the curvy bodies are those hips that never lie !! Your plus point is your hips dips. Pencil skirts are the best option to be chosen when you are in the mood of setting the stage of fire.


Tulle Skirt

Style your tulle Skirt with skin fit top; pair a dark coloured top with a light coloured tulle skirt. A skirt can be your choice if you want to look cute and mesmerizing. It will be a great combination for any party.

You can add accessories to it to enhance the look.


Tunics Tops

Tunics creates an illusion of an elongated and slimmer body. Sometimes you just need to look cool and want to feel free. So for any sort of pool parties or day out on beaches, you can try a tunic dress of vibrant colour with slippers.


Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can be great fun. You can go for any colour, design, fabric, prints etc that you are comfortable with. Choose any of these dresses and add accessories to them to spice up them. No one can stop you from feeling yourself, from letting you be you.

One can stop oneself from growing older, but how you style yourself will always keep you looking young! Keep shopping just click on

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