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Article: Modern festive dressing ideas

Modern festive dressing ideas

The festive season is all about enjoying festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, New Year's Eve.... one after another, after October, festivals come in a row. It's a time of year associated with being festive—decorating, gathering with loved ones, and having parties. Is it all about just decorating your house?? What about decorating yourself by wearing some loud or soothing colors with makeup on look.

Are you bored of wearing the same casual clothes with no spice at all? Let's do some experiments with clothing style to make it look stunning for all the season.

Here we go!

Glossy -silk for that sink

Silk is what gives you that queen look which everyone adores more than anything. The feels that come from wearing silk is unique in their own sense. A silk top in an elegant cut, with full sleeves, can be worn with jet black slacks and pumps to the office. Tie your hair and keep it simple in a messy bun and ear studs on point.

A black silk slip dress can also be worn with leggings to keep your look up to date. You can enhance the look with high-heels a classy matching sling bag.


Cute Sequin

Sequin is quite a hot trend these days, and one of the best things about sequin is that it can be worn in various ways owing to its versatility.

Sequin skirts will help you make the center of attraction as they look simply stylish and go amazingly well with a smart formal top tucked into them.

A shimmery outfit can never go wrong at a Christmas party. You can wear wide sequined pants with a sequined blazer with identical or contrasting color. Carry a black sling and wear it with Black heels.

You'll be oozing confidence on a festive night for sure!



Organza is a lightweight, sheer, plain-woven fabric that was originally made from silk. It is often used to match with other materials of cloth such as lace, Ankara or chiffon.

It's also a fabric that proves versatile in styling – MiuMiu's shirt could be worn buttoned up over a camisole or open as a jacket over a sundress.

You can make it as a balloon or bubble sleeve, butterfly and other beautiful sleeve styles. These tops can be used to rock pants or skirts and blouses. Short organza gown styles do not stop trending.

These kinds of dresses are always suitable for the day parties and the Puja at home.


Shiny Metallic

Metals are always lustrous and beautiful when worn. We have got a perfect metallic look for you; for this, you have to wear a sheer metallic top with a burgundy, wrap-around skirt. The black stilettos and silver clutch will make a perfect accessory for this look. This metallic look for the Diwali party or the new year's party will make all the eyes on you at the party.

Classic Shimmery Red

Red is one of the most favourite festive colors, so it makes more sense to dress up in red for festive parties. As red is always the theme of a Christmas party or new year's Eve, going with the red color outfit will never go out of fashion.

Pair black denim with a shimmery red top and white blazer. Accessorize the look with red pumps and a clutch. It's the simplest way to style with elegance.

Loony Sunny

When it's time to dress up for a day party, all of us are a little bit confused. In that situation,

a gold dress paired with black boots would be both festive and appropriate for a festive lunch party. I will also suggest you wear a vibrant, summery dress with a pearl necklace and a handheld tote.

Whether you're attending a festive office party or a casual house party, these dresses will definitely help you make an impressive entrance.

Parties are the time to sparkle. It gives us the apt excuse to go out of the way in terms of dressing. We can dress the way we want to be as your dressing style is the only thing that describes your personality on its own.

BE You this festive season; it's high time to bring out the colorful side of yours apart from the daily monotonous, dull schedule. Go and explore

Shine out!!!

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