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Article: Style Guide : What to wear on a Date Night Dinner/ Romantic Brunch!

Style Guide : What to wear on a Date Night Dinner/  Romantic Brunch!

Style Guide : What to wear on a Date Night Dinner/ Romantic Brunch!

The second week of February might bring with it the coldest days of the year and yes valentine week too, so it also brings us the most heart-warming occasion. The romantic week culminates into - Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s is a day for letting people know how much you love and care them. Whether you have planned your week with your boyfriend or your best girlfriends, Valentine’s is a period to embrace your love side. Starting from dressing up is half the fun, so begin by taking out all the pink, red, and cream colors, you’ve been hiding in your wardrobe. The perfect Valentine’s Day dress is all about styling, gorgeous matching accessories, and Valentine’s color combinations. Don’t forget to wear a mask this year.

No matter which sort of date you have planned for valentines week, especially for the day, here is formulated a few pieces ensembles for your enthusiasm.

Romantic Dinner

Whenever the name of Romantic dinner comes in front of us, we literally make an image of red roses and candle light dinner with beloved. If you are going for a romantic dinner, you should get ready in advance with the dress and accessories before valentines day so that you may all set on the day. Shuffle your dresses in your wardrobe and pick the best red and the black dress which is waiting for your date.

Sophisticated elegance is one’s primary motto for the night. Red and black is a romantic and incredible color scheme, so compliment your outfit with a pair of sleek pumps. Similarly, jewels such as  gold, diamonds and pearls will work as icing on the cake. If you are still baffled about what to wear click on the for a collection of sequin dresses for your dinner date.

Catch A Chill Shorty Jumpsuit 

Our glittering shorty jumpsuit is great when you need to get ready for an event at a moment's notice. 

Shop the jumpsuit -


Love Ruffles Party Mini Dress

This party mini dress is defined by effortlessly flattering silhouettes and a pop hue palette.

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It’s not necessary to wait until dinner to have a date. Whether you are meeting your crush, having an organized get together with a group of your best pals, or catching up over lunch with your mom, it definitely shows that you care about them by putting a more extra effort into your dress and accessories. By integrating some Valentine’s elements like red or lovely apparel and accessories, they will come to know they are an essential part of your day. Moreover, you can buy a gift for them with whom you are going for brunch. Buy lovely accessories if you are going out with your mom or girls.

You can pair our pretty please dress with strappy heels. Sequined tulle shimmery dress give a gorgeous look and it will look pretty in the day time. Wear a velvet hair band in loose hair and you are ready to go out.

Pretty Please Midi Dress

This midi dress is just so glamorous & guarantee to make you feel special for any occasion.

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Movie night

Valentine’s might be the one day of the year when you don’t have to argue over movie choice. Don’t confuse over what to wear, there are many options to get ready on the movie date. Normally you would wear your sweatshirt or sweater while watching TV. However, it’s your date, and no girl wants her date to be casual, you still want to be looked comely.

A pair of jeans is comfortable and trendy when always incorporate it with a glittery strappy top, and if you feel cold wear an open jacket. The glittery top is must after all it is not less than a party. Throw on a scarf to cleverly add some style to your clothing while staying warm. Another option is to wear a jumpsuit, which is always comfortable and cozy. Don’t forget your favorite mask to carry.

Shine-On Ash Grey Satin Blouse

Jacket style blouse finds its inspiration by just walking around a party club streets.

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Glittering Cutout Sequined Tulle Top

This top has a cutout at the shoulder that gives it a edgy deconstructed feel.

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Cherry Red Balloon Sleeves Top

Whatever your reason for ditching any other red top, make your evening look is a showstopper!

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Nevertheless, you can get a lot more option here, you can innovate and pair your own fashion and trend at Attic Salts. Assimilate accessories to give a new look to your outfit. Valentines week is here, so, buy your outfit and dresses for valentines day and pre-plan your date with everything ready.


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