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Article: Your After party care guide – Soft & Smooth Silk Care for you!

Your After party care guide – Soft & Smooth Silk Care for you!
Mulberry Silk

Your After party care guide – Soft & Smooth Silk Care for you!

You are all ready for the party, everything is perfect, the party goes well, and you enjoyed yourself a lot. Having enjoyed the party the moment you arrive home then comes the after party care. It would be the most imperative task. Make up, hair spray, crimping, curling, beauty products – our skin and hair tolerate too much. After-party is the time to pamper your hair as well as your skin. Keep skin and hair products handy for post-party care, nevertheless, minor things like accessories are the things which women usually miss.

Moreover, for your beauty maintenance sleep plays a pivotal role. For sleeping and laying down, you need only one thing on the bed that is your sweet pillow, obviously! It should be comfortable as well as made from silky smooth fabric.

How to wake up with the best and refreshing hair and skin the next morning?

Not only hair, but Skin also needs care equally. But what you need in this case, after all, you need to look after both, hair as well as skin. Sleep is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise as it not only maintain circadian rhythm but also invigorate the external structure of our body! With the help of the mandatory eight hours of sleep and some life improving beauty crops, it is now feasible to keep sleeping a part of your beauty therapy process. Two essentials for giving extra care while you are sleeping and relaxing

  • A silk pillowcase
  • A loose hair scrunchies

Silk pillowcases

Baby Pink - 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillow Case

Image - Baby Pink - 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillowcases are precisely effective in improving your skin and hair texture. It plays a crucial role for a  long term betterment in the texture of hair along with improvement of facial creases and wrinkles. Skin pillowcase helps in keeping one's skin hydrated as it is less apt to absorb moisture, also it keeps one’s hair healthy. All you have to do is to have wholesome sleep, leave the rest action on these silky smooth pillowcases. Pure mulberry silk pillows being anti-allergic keep your skin hydrated and allergy free. It helps you to wake up refresh.

Here are a few reasons to switch to silk pillowcase -

1. Less hair breakage

Our pure mulberry silk pillowcases helps fighting hair tangles, frizzy hair and pull throughout the night. Silk pillowcases definitely turn out to be the best pal of your hair.

2. Soothe your skin

To eczema and acne sufferer, this is the pillowcase which prove to be panacea. Get a pillowcase which is made up of hypoallergenic material just like mulberry silk. So that you will not face any discomfort or any irritation.

3. For sound sleep

Silk is soothing and cool fabric. It promotes comfortable sleep as it breathable fabric in nature. It enhances the quality of sleep, even in hot weather.

4. For your skin discomforts (like aging, wrinkles and sleep creases)

As skin aging, you would face creases. These creases are caused by pressure and friction on your delicate facial skin, its marks are long lasting. Silk pillowcases are the solution to getting rid of it.

Silk Scrunchies

Image - Nude - 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Girls are spending a good bit of their time discussing the benefits of pure mulberry silk. Along with being wonderful for hair and skin, great for pillowcases, and overall wellness, silk is an incredible fabric that enriches the health and refinement of every hair type. Real mulberry silk was once an insider secret in the beauty industry, but now silk has definitely gone mainstream.

Replacing your elastic hair bands with a Mulberry Silks hair tie scrunchie will keep your pony tail pampered, mended, and super stylish from AM to PM. Silk scrunchies are the ultimate hair accessory.

1. Protect your hair from fall, split ends, tangled and pulling.

2. Silk scrunchies are environment friendly and hypoallergenic.

3. Mulberry silk scrunchies can be worn whole day as well as night.

Health comes first so as beauty, women especially focus on her skin and hair. So why not daily, just buy your order of happiness from and give blessings to your hair and skin everyday.

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