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Article: Double It Up with Attic Salt Double Masks with Filter Pockets

Double It Up with Attic Salt Double Masks with Filter Pockets

Double It Up with Attic Salt Double Masks with Filter Pockets

However, masks have been proven to be the best precautionary measure in lessening up the risk of catching the virus.

Right now, the risk of double and triple mutant coronavirus variants are emerging, experts are now suggesting people layer up or wear double masks to prevent chances of infection.

Why double masking?

The commendation for double masking is based on the conclusions of CDC ( Centre’s of Disease Control). This study looked through the possible ways to improve mask fit to reduce exposure to SARS-CoV-2.

When you wear two masks, the outer mask can apply gentle pressure to the edges of the inner mask. When this happens, the inner mask fits more closely against your skin and creates a better seal. Double masking is proven to be more protective not just because of the fit but it also helps in increasing the filtration.

Adding a second mask can improve filtration even more. This is because it effectively doubles the layers of material that virus-containing respiratory droplets have to travel through before reaching your face and mouth. As per studies, double masking could lessen down infection chances and cut severity rates by as much as 85-95%.

How to Double It Up?

Experts recommends that when it comes to double masking, make sure that you layer up a cloth mask over a surgical one for the best protection. Such a combination, unlike others, would not just cover the face better, give a tighter & more snug fit to keep your mouth covered. It could be especially helpful if you engage in a high-risk environment, or frequent contagious settings.

We suggest you to avoid other combinations of double mask because some mask combinations may not improve fit or may make it hard to breathe i.e combining N95 mask & surgical mask or wearing 2 surgical masks together, that’s highly non – recommended.

Few ways to improve your mask effectiveness –

Double Masking should be a quick step to stay secured from the exposed virus but we have got you covered with few ways that you can help to improve the effectiveness of your mask.

Add a filter to your cloth mask

Attic Salt Double Mask with filter pockets is specially designed to give protection from people with higher exposure risk. We have specially developed a 3 ply mask with sleeves which doubles up as a jacket for an additional mask. This way both of them stay in position without sliding away from each other.
Outer mask is a 3 fabric ply + 1 interlining mask with concealed nose pin, adjustable ear elastic toggles and sleeves. This is washable and reusable. Manufactured in line with the latest WHO guidelines for fabric masks. These masks are for general use and not meant for medical or surgical use. For the inner mask we suggest you use a disposable surgical mask for additional protection.                 

Product combo contains - one 3 ply reusable masks + three disposable surgical masks.

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Multiple Layered Protection

Multiple layers works as a better shield for your face from the exposed droplets that can contain the virus. When selecting a cloth mask, choose one that has at least two or three layers of fabric. All Attic Salt masks are made with 3 ply layering’s of interlining & inner cotton lining for better protection.

Choose a mask with a nose wire

Look for masks with a strip of adjusting wire/pin located at the top. This pin can be bent easily to allow the mask to better fit over your nose. Using a mask with a nose pin also prevent your glasses from fogging up which can block your vision.

Try the knot and tuck method for Surgical Mask

As suggested by CDC, this is useful to get your surgical mask closely fitted to your face. It involves knotting the ear loops close to where they join to the mask and carefully tucking away any extra material.

Check out the Double Masks with Filter Pockets in 3 colour variants –

Black –

Nude -


Stay Safe, Stay Masked In! 

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